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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will revolutionize many industries. It offers a paradigm shift from a centralized to a decentralized world. It transitions from a world where you put trust in people to a world where you put trust in math. It offers a pathway to the future of money and much more.

I first heard about the Blockchain in March of 2009. It was the Bitcoin Blockchain. The Bitcoin Blockchain was turned on January 3rd, 2009 and it has never stopped processing transactions throughout the world.

The Internet enabled the near-instant transmission of digital copies. Bitcoin demonstrated that unique representations of value—not digital copies, but digital originals—could be transferred quickly and cheaply around the world. The ability to create and transfer digital originals (not just currency, but anything that can be represented digitally) is the true value of Blockchain technology.

The Internet brought us the World Wide Web of Information. Blockchain Technology is bringing us the World Wide Ledger of Value. The World Wide Ledger of Value is a transformational wave that will have a positive impact on the world as did the Internet.

Varkonyi Digital’s mission is to enable and promote blockchain technologies to usher in the World Wide Ledger of Value.

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